About Us

One of the modern principals of wise land stewardship is the careful and professional application of prescribed fire. GoodFires.org and sister website VisitMyForest.org are part of a 13-state effort to strengthen appreciation for our precious natural lands, as well as to promote understanding of and support for the key role played by prescribed fire.

Long ago, when our nation had few people, the forces of nature governed the land and wild ecosystems adapted and thrived. One of those forces was frequent fire, which periodically cleaned out forest habitats and prevented the buildup of dead plants and trees that can lead to devastating wildfires.

Today, it is up to us to wisely care for our remaining natural lands. Our forests give us so much — clean air and water, habitat for wildlife, a place to escape and reconnect with the wonder of unspoiled nature. But forests no longer can depend on the forces of nature alone. They need our help to continue to thrive.

GoodFires.org and VisitMyForest.org are funded by the U.S. Forest Service. Thirteen state agencies implemented the project. Click on the logos below to learn about the organizers of this project.