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Promotes southern forests as a leading supplier of sustainable wood products for the international market.

U.S. Southern Forests Serve Global Demand for Sustainable Wood Products


With over 30 percent of U.S. Forested Land, the Southern States produce over $50 billion of forest products for markets around the world. The region is the first-choice resource for buyers seeking an affordable supply of sustainable wood products with a variety of species, year-long harvesting and over 1,500 mills.

Key Southern State Facts:
  • 205,640,000 acres in forested land
  • 196,440,000 green tons in annual softwood growth
  • 167,729,513 green tons in annual hardwood growth
  • 11,901 MMBF in softwood lumber production
  • 4,586 MMBF in hardwood lumber production
  • Non-restrictive terrain with continuous harvesting
  • Superior transportation infrastructure supported by regional Panamax Ports
  • Dedicated landowners, forestry groups and government working together to ensure the health and growth of the region’s forests

Forestry and Wood Industry Working Together to Maintain the Southern State Advantage

As a sustainable growing economy, landowners, loggers, foresters and industries work together to ensure the accessibility and affordability of southern forest products. With projected growth through 2040, the region offers a solid wood supply created by private land ownership and sustainable forest management practices – the right choice for global wood buyers, processors and manufacturers.

  • Highest growth percentage of timberland in the United States
  • Regional research facilities and innovative manufacturing
  • Bio-energy research focused on emerging markets for wood chips, wood pellets and bio-mass uses
  • Leading edge of industrial advancements

The Southern Group of State Foresters can assist prospective wood buyers in the identification and location of Southern Forest resources.
For more information, contact the SGSF Executive Director at:

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